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Dry Expansion Evaporator
A range of Dry Expansion Evaporators both in counter flow and “U” tube type. High performance, low refrigerant charge, extremely stable operation due to very good distribution on the refrigerant side and a well- designed water side tube bundle. The product range offers various lengths of shell and tube and a total flexibility for personalization unless restricted by design criteria. Latest generation heat transfer tubes especially engineered according to customer needs. Can reach 3.6°F approach temperatures. Available in different material types and up to 4 independent refrigerant circuits.
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Flooded Heat Exchanger
A range of extremely High Efficiency Flooded Evaporators with the latest technical tubes– 1.8°F approach or less easily obtainable. The “SPRAY” range evaporators are similar to the flooded versions, however the entire tube bundle is not submerged in refrigerant charge and the SPRAY system reduces the refrigerant charge by 70%. Can be used with oil free compressors or standard screw compressors – oil recovery is possible. Available in multi refrigerant circuits on the same shell or multiple compressors on one single circuit.
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Provides U.S. Warranty
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Heat Exchanger selection software
Download our custom software to select and rate heat exchangers based on your application requirements.