We have been trusted by major OEMs in
the HVAC industry for over 25 years


We are passionate about the work that we do. Our team of experienced design engineers specialize in collaborating with you to develop products that meet your exceed technical requirements and need. Expert CAD designers will assist you designing the heat exchanger that meets your specifications at a reasonable cost.


With close tolerance machining, certified welding, complex assembly and thorough testing, Provides US is an ASME certified, full-service manufacturer.

Company History

Wieland Provides, Inc. is a part of the Wieland Thermal Solutions group.  We originated as Provides U.S. Inc– the first U. S. manufacturing facility for Provides in Italy. Over the years, Provides manufactured various metal based products.  In 1996, Provides began manufacturing heat exchangers for the European HVAC market.  Provides U. S.  shipped their first heat exchanger in August 2015. There has been continued growth and success since that time and we are proud of the thousands of U.S. manufactured heat exchangers we have in the field.