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Trusted by oems in the hvac industry for over 25 years.
let us put our knowledge Of heat exchanger design and manufacturing to work for your company.
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We manufacture major components for heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) companies worldwide.

about us

Provides was established in 1968 as a company which specialized in the production of metal office furniture.

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team of experienced design engineers


Our team of experienced design engineers specialize in collaborating with our customers to develop products that meet or exceed technical requirements and need. Expert CAD users will assist you in designing the heat exchanger that meets your specifications and fits within a reasonable budget.

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Close tolerance machining, certified welding, complex assembly and testing - Provides US is an ASME-certified, full-service manufacturer.

We are well-equipped to handle your project from start to finish and are ready to get started!

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we are proud to be a leader in the heat exchanger sector.

Our Team

The success of our company can be attributed to the dedication of our skilled and experienced team.

Nature & Industry

Provides US is located located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in Verona, Virginia, USA. We are surrounded by scenic beauty, wildlife, and a collection of industrial businesses who are working to deliver innovation throughout our community and around the world.

Wieland Provides Facility

Our 85,000 square foot facility handles every product on-site from start to finish.